Social drawing with Sketch.

Sketch, Adobe’s new mobile drawing app, gives you the tools you need to express yourself, plus a connected community of other creatives to inspire you.

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Sketch in action.

Sketch is a new kind of drawing tool that brings the best of Adobe and Behance together in one app.

  • Inspiration

    See what other artists and designers are creating in the community gallery.

  • Drawing

    Sketch with tools that behave like the real thing — pencils, pens, markers and erasers — using your finger or a stylus.

  • Tracing and collages

    Use images from multiple sources for reference or as part of your composition.

  • Sharing

    Upload your work to Behance to get kudos and feedback immediately, right in the app.

  • Creative Cloud connected

    Sketches are automatically saved to Creative Cloud and your files, colors, Adobe community and collaborators are always accessible.

  • Ink and Slide compatible

    Sketch works beautifully with our new Creative Cloud pen and digital ruler, Ink and Slide.

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Natural drawing tools, inspiration, and community — all in one place.


Adobe Ink & Slide

Creative Cloud pen and digital ruler

Sketch works great with Ink and Slide. Create in a more natural and fluid way. Draw straight lines, perfect circles, and more.

Ink & Slide


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